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A Look at Factor-Based Investing on The ETF Investor

Coreshares’ Chris Rule joins Nerina Visser from etfSA to explain the world of factor-based investing. Factor-based investing is one component of the broader family of so-called “smart beta” investment strategies, which are increasingly available in index form, and therefore also, in ETF form.  
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The New Smart Multi-Factor

A motivation for replacing an equal weighting methodology with a Multi-Factor strategy. Equal weighting is a widely accepted portfolio construction technique. The primary goal of equal weighting is to reduce exposure in your portfolio to any individual company thereby minimizing company specific risk and maximizing share diversification. An equally weighted...
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Exploring Bogle’s Legacy

CoreShares MD Gareth Stobie was a guest on the ETF Investor this month, exploring the legacy of John C. Bogle, the father of index investing.
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Why Index Investing?

Global investment thought leaders such as Warren Buffett have recommended index-based investments. However, in South Africa, index investing has attracted a significantly lower amount of assets relative to the global experience.