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Hacking for CPD Points? We’ve Got Your Back

Keeping up with your annual CPD point requirements doesn’t have to be a struggle. Our library of videos, webinars and other approved learning materials is now available. No more scrambling or stressing about CPD compliance. Just click on one of the links below to get your CPD points from 10...
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Why the US bond market matters now

The US government’s massive and growing national debt is raising concerns in financial markets. Two key factors are driving this worry:   Rising Interest Rates: Higher interest rates make it more expensive for the US to borrow money, increasing debt servicing costs. Shifting Perceptions: Traditionally, US treasury bonds were...
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Quarterly Multi-Asset Outlook 2024

Our webinar series, featuring Anton Eser and Christopher Eddy, offers a comprehensive overview of their shared perspectives on our multi-asset Outlook and performance updates. 2024 – Q1 Click here to register for the Q2 Multi-Asset Outlook Webinar   Where should investors turn in the quest for returns in Q2 2024? South African investors...
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ENCA Market Outlook

Shared in a recent interview on eNCA Christopher Eddy, CFA, Head of Multi-Asset Funds at 10X Investments, explored pivotal questions, including how the market reacted to the latest announcement from the South African Reserve Bank and what signals we are receiving from other central banks internationally.
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10X Retirement Reality Report

South Africa is facing a looming retirement crisis, with only a mere 6% of the country’s population on course to enjoy a comfortable retirement. The stark reality is that a significant portion of South Africans simply aren’t prioritising retirement savings. Delve deeper into these concerning trends in the sixth...
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If rates remain high, SA equity is fair value

The recent budget presented by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana has raised concerns over the significant portion of revenue allocated to debt servicing costs, surpassing key sectors like social protection, health, peace, and security. Chris Eddy, Head of Multi-Asset Funds at 10X highlights a decade-long trend where government spending consistently outpaced...