The 10X Income ETF (JSE code: INCOME) listed on the JSE on 18th May, and offers investors an easily accessible, comprehensive strategic income solution that can be bought and sold like any other ETF on the JSE and can be included in your tax-free account.

Boasting a management fee of 0.38% (+vat), this fund is designed to provide attractive bond-like yields (±9.5% at listing) with lower risks and costs. Distributions will be every quarter; March, June, September and December.

“The investment objective of the CoreShares Income AMETF is to deliver a high level of income and long-term stability on capital invested, through investing in a combination of asset classes, including government bonds, corporate bonds and money market both locally and abroad”

This new ETF will also be the first actively managed ETF (AMETF) listed on the JSE.

The webcast is presented by Chris Rule, Head of Client Solutions and Chris Eddy, Head of Multi Asset Funds with Simon Brown moderating.

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