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The Resurgence of Bonds

In this week’s episode of Classic Business, Michael Avery delves into the world of fixed income investing with Chris Rule, Head of Client Solutions at 10X Investments. After years of low interest rates and lacklustre returns, the bond market is presenting investors with new opportunities. Let’s explore the...
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The first comprehensive income solution to be listed on the JSE

The first actively managed exchange-traded fund (AMETF) listed on the JSE last month. The CoreShares Income AMETF, which is aimed at delivering bond-like returns but with reduced risk, is a first-of-its kind solution for retail and institutional investors in South Africa, with this low-cost, holistic strategic income strategy being easily...
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Introducing the CoreShares Income AMETF

This milestone follows the introduction of new legislation allowing ETFs to house more flexible investment strategies, including multi-asset strategies and those that incorporate asset classes that can’t easily be indexed, such as credit.