In the latest edition of ‘Not the Daily News’, Michael Avery and Chris Rule, Head of Client Solutions at 10X focusses on our company’s recent successes at the seventh annual SA Listed Tracker Awards, often described as the Oscars in the ETF industry. The accolades were largely credited to 10X’s unique client centric product development approach. Specifically, our initiative to customise a property ETF to align with client needs earned us the award for best performance in the non-equity category.  Additionally, our Government bond ETF’s remarkable success in raising capital further underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional value and outcomes for our clients.

Winning ETFs:

🥇 10X SA Property Income ETF: Winner of the Total Investment Returns – 3 Years SA Non-Equity category.

🥇 10X Wealth GOVI ETF: Recognized for Capital Raising – 3 Years SA Non-Equity.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Strategic Client Focus: 10X’s accolades at the Tracker Awards highlight our unwavering commitment to addressing client needs through specialised ETF offerings. This underscores the critical role of understanding and catering to client objectives in the product development process.
  2. Crucial Metrics for ETF Success: Transparency, diversification, and  stand out as pivotal metrics in evaluating the success of ETFs. These elements are vital regardless of whether the ETFs are managed passively or actively, underscoring the necessity of informed investment choices.
  3. Factors Driving ETF Growth: Regulatory shifts in the pension funds act and enticing yields in fixed income markets are propelling capital inflows into ETFs. The industry looks forward to future innovations that will further bolster accessibility and spur industry expansion.

Listen to the full podcast below:

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