Fund Summary

This ETF tracks the S&P Global Property 40 index, giving you exposure to the 40 biggest global property companies in developed markets. These companies have stable earnings and dividends.

Benefits to Investors

Rand Hedge

Rand Hedge diversification benefits


The income received by these global property companies is paid out as income to investors Semi-annually

ETF Details

Share code GLPROP
Current price / NAV
Fund size R 424 585 229.30
Index value 359.9125692
Distributable amount 49.02c
Market maker Sanlam Private Wealth (SPW)
TER 0.52%

General Fund Details

Classification Global - RE - General
Benchmark S&P Global Property 40 Index
Distribution dates March, September
Asset manager 10X Fund Managers (RF) (Pty) Ltd
Trustee FirstRand Bank Limited
Auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers Incorporated
Risk profile Aggressive (5/5)

10X S&P Global Property ETF ETF NAV Prices

ETF Fund Holdings (daily)

ETF Fund Holdings (month-end)

ETF Fund Distributions

Semi-Annual Period Cents Per Unit (CPU)
September 2023 57.80
March 2023 49.49
September 2022 55.20
March 2022 34.70
September 2021 42.58
March 2021 32.89
September 2020 45.66
March 2020 36.35
September 2019 51.37
March 2019 58.61
September 2018 70.26
March 2018 24.18
September 2017 26.18
March 2017 124.8
All distributions are gross distributions (before dividends withholdings tax)