Please see below the 10X ETFs’ and Unit Trusts’ performance as at 31 October 2023, based on Net Asset Values (NAV) with distributions reinvested. Returns greater than 1 year are annualised. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Data source is Morningstar and Bloomberg.

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CoreShares ETFsShare Code1 MonthQTDYTD1 Year2 Years3 Years5 Years1 Year Historic Net YieldP/E RatioYield to MaturityMngmt FeeTERInception DateDistributes
Equity - South Africa
10X Top 50 ETFCTOP50-3,3%-3,3%-2,3%6,4%5,6%16,2%9,6%4,0%10,60,20%0,24%May 2015Quarterly
10X S&P SA Dividend Aristocrats ETFDIVTRX-1,3%-1,3%-4,0%8,5%8,9%11,9%1,0%5,2%6,10,40%0,49%Apr 2014Quarterly
10X Scientific Beta Multi-Factor ETFSMART-2,6%-2,6%0,5%9,9%7,2%15,3%3,5%10,10,40%0,51%Jul 2019Quarterly
Equity - Global
10X S&P 500 ETFCSP500-3,2%-3,2%21,6%11,6%7,1%15,1%15,6%1,0%21,60,25%0,39%Nov 2016Semi-Annually
10X S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats ETFGLODIV-4,2%-4,2%7,9%6,0%5,2%5,2%10,0%2,1%18,10,35%0,53%Feb 2018Semi-Annually
10X Total World ETFGLOBAL-3,4%-3,4%16,7%11,8%3,6%1,8%16,90,15%0,28%May 2021Semi-Annually
10X All Asia AMETFAPACXJ-4,6%0,40%0,58%Jul 2023Semi-Annually
Listed Property - South Africa
10X SA Property Income ETFCSPROP-4,1%-4,1%-6,3%-0,7%2,7%2,7%7,0%5,40,35%0,43%Oct 2019Quarterly
Listed Property - Global
10X S&P Global Property ETFGLPROP-4,4%-4,4%3,7%0,5%-4,7%4,5%4,2%2,8%19,50,40%0,47%Nov 2016Semi-Annually
Fixed Income
10X GOVI Bond ETFCSGOVI1,7%1,7%2,9%11,4%0,20%0,25%Dec 2022Quarterly
10X Income AMETFINCOME0,8%0,8%9,8%0,38%0,45%May 2023Quarterly
10X Yield Selected Bond Index FundCSYSB1,9%1,9%12,5%0,25%0,30%May 2023Quarterly
CoreShares Unit TrustsCode1 MonthQTDYTD1 Year2 Years3 Years5 Years1 Year Historic Net YieldYield to MaturityMngmt FeeTERInception DateDistributes
Equity - South Africa
10X S&P SA Top 50CSTCB-3,3%-3,3%-2,4%6,3%5,5%16,0%9,4%4,0%0,20%0,24%Sep 2016Quarterly
Equity - Global
10X Total World FundCMAFF-3,4%-3,4%16,7%11,9%0,25%0,37%Feb 2018Annually
Multi-Asset: High Equity
10X Your Future Fund10XHA-2,3%-2,3%5,5%8,2%5,4%13,0%5,7%0,50%0,63%Mar 2019Quarterly
10X Wealth AccumulationCSWACA-2,8%-2,8%4,6%8,1%5,5%13,4%3,7%0,35%0,54%May 2019Quarterly
Multi-Asset: Medium Equity
10X Moderate Fund10XMA-1,6%-1,6%5,6%7,3%5,5%11,5%6,8%0,50%0,64%Mar 2019Quarterly
Multi-Asset: Low Equity
10X Defensive Fund10XLA-0,8%-0,8%5,7%6,4%5,3%8,6%8,2%0,50%0,63%Mar 2019Quarterly
10X Stable IncomeCSTIA-1,1%-1,1%2,6%6,4%5,1%9,7%6,4%0,35%0,63%May 2019Quarterly
Multi-Asset: Income
10X Income Fund10XDA0,6%0,6%5,8%9,7%0,50%0,63%Dec 2022Quarterly
Fixed Income
10X Yield Selected Bond Index FundCYSBCB1,9%1,9%1,0%12,5%0,20%0,23%Aug 2022Quarterly


Please note

  • The past portfolio performance is calculated on a rolling monthly basis, lump sum, NAV to NAV and distributions reinvested. Annualised return is weighted average compound growth rate over period measured. The investor performance may differ as a result of advisor fees (where applicable), actual investment date, date of reinvestment and dividend withholding tax.
  • Since inception, minimum 12 month and maximum 12 month returns for each fund are available on the fund fact sheets which can be found on the individual fund pages.
  • *Official TER will be available after 1 year of live fund performance (please note there are more fee classes available in the Unit Trust).
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