We understand better than others that it is not about rands and cents alone but something far more important: that priceless sense of freedom. That in the future you should be free from worry. To do the things you’ve longed to do. To be independent. To be generous. Providing investors with this sense of freedom is at the heart of what we do at CoreShares.


Having launched the CoreShares brand some 6 years ago, it is affirming and heartening to see how the company has blossomed from a ‘start up’ product offering to a fully-fledged medium sized investment manager with over R10billion under management. Thanks to our strong corporate backing we’ve been able to invest in dynamic people and best in class systems to deliver strong financial products and outcomes over our range of ETFs and CIS funds.

At CoreShares we are striving to perfect a passive investment approach which is derived from studying all the evidence available and interpreting our learnings scientifically into strategies we feel certain will yield the best and most reliable returns for our clients and their clients in turn.

Furthermore, as our planet faces key environmental risks and sustainability challenges, we also continue to build our own response to these issues through an active stewardship model incorporating many key tenets of ESG.

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