A story of friendship and the transformative power of discovering connections.

Renowned storyteller, Michael Charton, returns to enthral us with his spellbinding new tale, “Leave Some For The Honey Badger”. It tells of the friendship between conservationist Ian Player and head game guard, Magqubu Ntombela, and how their work revolutionised conservation. It’s fascinating and utterly inspiring.

Access Passcode: HoneyBadger#2021

About Michael Charton

Having qualified as a chartered accountant in 2004, Michael Charton embarked on a traditional financial career. However, his enthusiasm for the history of South Africa, which Michael studied subsequent to completing his articles, would gradually lure him away from the corporate world.

Specifically, Michael came to believe that the craft of storytelling, and the human connections it inspires, had the potential to transform the divisive story of South Africa’s past into a source of unity and healing.

By 2015 this idea was sufficiently precise, prompting Michael to exit his financial role and found INHERIT SOUTH AFRICA. An organisation through which he has developed several non-fiction stories aiming to inspire curiosity and connection.

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