We are proud to offer the most comprehensive ‘all in’ global strategy available in South Africa (both ETF and Unit Trust formats are available). The CoreShares Total World is an efficient investment which spreads your money over 9000 large, medium, and small companies spanning around 50 countries (both developed and their faster growing emerging counterparts). If you want a diversified investment that grows along with all the leading companies around the world, this is where you’ll find it.

The fund is suitable for all investors (whether large or small) looking to make a long-term, global equity investment and diversify outside of South Africa.

The benefits

The CoreShares Total World Stock is a compelling way for South African investors to access global equity exposure for these reasons:

  1. TOTAL exposure – This is one of the most comprehensive global strategies covering most markets within ONE simplified product.
  2. “Real economy” global equity exposure – Emerging Markets (EM) make up over one-third of world GDP and should be represented in a truly global equity investment strategy. EM makes up an important 13% of this fund.
  3. Diversification – This index offers efficient exposure to a broad range of countries, currencies, sectors, and companies around the globe. Investors can access an increased number of shares and better geographic diversification than ever before by investing in this fund.
  4. Avoid the “home bias” – While South Africa makes up just a tiny portion of global markets, most South Africans are overly exposed to the local market and economy and would benefit from a more diversified global investment portfolio.
  5. Exposure to high growth economies – Investors are rewarded when making EM allocations as the returns typically associated with these developing (and statistically riskier) markets leads to better performance over the long term.
  6. Cost – The CoreShares Total World Fund is a cost-effective way to achieve a truly global investment.

Country Composition

Top 10 Holdings

Performance Q4 2022

For the fourth quarter of 2022 CoreShares Total World Stock Feeder Fund returned 3.94%. Over the period the Rand strengthened by 5.63% detracting from the funds’ performance while Developed Market equities contributed positively returning 3.92% in ZAR and 3.86% for their Emerging Markets counterparts. The positive return over the quarter was a welcome relief on the back of weak underlying global equity performance for calendar year of 2022 (CoreShares Total World Stock Feeder Fund. -13.92%). A backdrop of rising interest rates, high inflation, growth concerns and the Russia/Ukraine conflict where the plagued investors over the year of 2022, with cautious optimism of a more stable rate and inflationary environment going into 2023 which resulted in a marginal recovery in the last quarter. Below we look at the sector and share based return attribution.

Sector Level Return Attribution:

Top 3 contribution to return

Sector Average Weight  Return Contribution Absolute return
Financials 14.29% -0.12% 1.02%
Industrials 9.14% -0.32% 0.89%
Health Care 12.52% -0.33% 0.77%

Top 3 return detraction:

Sector Average Weight  Return Contribution Absolute return
Information Technology 19.14% -1.62% -0.31%
Communication Services 7.08% -4.38% -0.31%
Consumer Discretionary 10.90% -5.78% -0.63%

Source: CoreShares Investment Managers, Bloomberg LLC, Morningstar. All returns are in ZAR for the quater ended 31 December 2022. Past Performance is not indicative of future performance.

Share Level Return Attribution:

Top 5 contribution to return

Average Weight Contribution to Return (%) Total Return (%)
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO 0.61% 0.12% 19.69%
EXXON MOBIL CORP 0.72% 0.11% 15.26%
MERCK & CO. INC. 0.42% 0.09% 21.55%
NOVO NORDISK A/S-B 0.31% 0.08% 25.54%
TENCENT HOLDINGS LTD 0.37% 0.08% 21.36%

Top 5 return detraction:

Average Weight Contribution to Return (%) Total Return (%)
TESLA INC 1.18% -0.61% -51.58%
AMAZON.COM INC 1.91% -0.59% -30.93%
APPLE INC 4.10% -0.53% -12.94%
ALPHABET INC-CL A 1.08% -0.16% -14.77%
ALPHABET INC-CL C 1.01% -0.15% -14.85%

Source: CoreShares Investment Managers, Bloomberg LLC, Morningstar. All returns are in ZAR for the quarter ended 31 December 2022. Past Performance is not indicative of future performance.

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