1. How can ETFs improve your chances of succcessful investing

(30 minute webinar followed by Q&A)

Join Shaun Keeling (Easy Equities) and Chris Rule (Head of Product & Client Solutions at CoreShares Asset Management) as we discuss ETF investing and learn how using ETFs in your portfolio can reduce risks and improve your chances of successful investing.

2. Easy Access – building a global portfolio using JSE listed securities

(30 minute webinar followed by Q&A)

Join Easy Equities & Coreshares to unpack some of the Global Equity and Property exposures trading on the JSE and discuss how to use these in constructing an efficient global portfolio

3. Accessing quality companies with dividend aristocrats indices

(10 minute video)

Zack Bezuidenhoudt of S&P Dow Jones Indices talks to Michelle Noth about the CoreShares S&P Dividend Aristocrats strategies, both Global and Local: GLODIV & DIVTRX.

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