As a dynamic player in the financial services industry, 10X Investments is excited to announce a transformative step in its journey towards establishing itself as a challenger and a formidable force. Following the acquisition of CoreShares last year, 10X Investments, under the strategic leadership of Tobie van Heerden (CEO), Anton Eser (CIO), and Caroline Naylor-Renn (COO), has seamlessly integrated CoreShares Unit Trusts and ETFs into its growing range of offerings.

The integration, which marks a significant milestone in the CoreShares journey, has been carefully executed to enhance the overall experience for clients, financial intermediaries, and financial advisers. The collaborative effort of the executive team has reaffirmed 10X’s commitment to the broader market and distribution channels, fostering inclusivity and accessibility in the financial landscape.

The culmination of this integration is the renaming and rebranding of all CoreShares funds, effective 23 October 2023, to align with the 10X brand. This strategic move not only signifies the unity of the combined entity but also reflects the shared values that underpin the investment philosophies of both 10X Investments and CoreShares.

“Our goal is to create a seamless and unified experience for our clients, and the renaming and rebranding of CoreShares funds under the 10X umbrella is a key step towards achieving that vision,” said Tobie van Heerden, CEO of 10X Investments.

The enhanced business will maintain its unwavering client-centric focus, ensuring that clients continue to receive exceptional service and tailored investment solutions. This development reinforces 10X’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and excellence in the financial services sector.

The new fund names are as follows:

Current name of the Portfolio New name of the Portfolio
CoreShares Income Fund 10X Income Fund
CoreShares Top 50 10X Top 50
CoreShares S&P SA Dividend Aristocrats 10X S&P SA Dividend Aristocrats
CoreShares Scientific Beta Multi-Factor Index Fund 10X Scientific Beta Multi-Factor Index Fund
CoreShares S&P500 10X S&P500
CoreShares S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats 10X S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats
CoreShares Total World 10X Total World
CoreShares SA Property Income ETF 10X SA Property Income ETF
CoreShares S&P Global Property 10X S&P Global Property
CoreShares Yield Selected Bond 10X Yield Selected Bond
CoreShares Income AMETF 10X Income AMETF
CoreShares All Asia AMETF 10X All Asia AMETF
CoreShares Stable Income 10X Stable Income Fund
CoreShares Wealth Accumulation 10X Wealth Accumulation

As we move forward, 10X Investments invites clients, financial intermediaries, and financial advisers to join us on this exciting journey. The unified entity, as a challenger in the market, is poised to shape the future of investment solutions, and we are confident that these enhancements will contribute to the overall success and satisfaction of our valued clients.

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