CoreShares is one of Africa’s leading passive investment management businesses. We specialise in index-tracking investment solutions across Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Unit Trusts and segregated mandates (for institutions).

We understand better than others that it is not about rands and cents alone but something far more important: that priceless sense of freedom. That in the future you should be free from worry. To do the things you’ve longed to do. To be independent. To be generous.

Providing investors with this sense of freedom is at the heart of what we do at CoreShares, and our team shares this common purpose.

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1. What is passive investing and why are so many investors converting?

Passive investment funds, which track indices in a cost-effective manner, have surged in popularity over the past decade as institutional and retail investors turn away from pricier active strategies – most of which struggle to beat their benchmarks.

We invite you to read more, or watch an on-demand webinar to explore these concepts further.

2. Why Active and Passive strategies are complementary in a portfolio

Active and passive strategies play highly complementary roles in a well-constructed investment portfolio that aims to deliver strong returns over the long run. In a recent webinar, CoreShares MD Gareth Stobie discussed the benefits of blended portfolios with Victoria Reuvers, Director and Senior Portfolio Manager at Morningstar Investment Management South Africa. Reuvers said that the long-running ‘active versus passive’ debate is immaterial, since these strategies work alongside each other.

We invite you to read more, or watch an on-demand webinar to explore these concepts further.

3. Blending Active and Passive allocations in a portfolio

Combining active investing with passive and smart beta strategies can be a highly effective way to construct a portfolio that mitigates risk while also targeting outperformance. In a recent webinar hosted by CoreShares, Florbela Yates, head of Momentum Investment Consulting, shared her approach to blending different strategies into a diversified portfolio.

We invite you to read more, or watch an on-demand webinar to explore these concepts further.

What we offer

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Aside from the index portfolios which we operate in product form, CoreShares also runs other segregated index mandates based on specific client needs or requests.

For our institutional clients with bigger mandates, we draw on our good relationships with FTSE/JSE, S&PDJI, MSCI and Scientific Beta.

We are also able to cater for a broad range of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) requirements.

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