How best can you reach your investment goals?

Our insightful series of short videos,  “Hard Questions. Better Answers.” tackles the key questions facing investors. Join Gugulethu Mfuphi and some of SA’s best known finance experts: Maya Fisher-French, Warren Ingram, Victoria Reuvers, Grant Locke and Nerina Visser as we unpack the evidence to reveal the answers!

Chapter 1: Active Investing

How best can one reach their investment goals? “Hard Questions. Better Answers.” unpacks the key questions facing savers. We tackle the questions by focusing on the evidence!

Part 1 (of 7) of this documentary series looks at asset class returns through time and whether one should employ an active fund manager to deliver these returns?

Learning outcomes:

  • Examine asset class returns through time
  • Learn what active managers do
  • Define closet trackers
  • Meet SPIVA (S&P Index versus Active)

Chapter 2: Passive Investing

What is passive investing? We examine the merits of low cost index funds and discover why even Warren Buffett endorses them.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn what passive investing is
  • Understand why low-cost index funds are so attractive to investors and discover why even Warren Buffett endorses them
  • Gain insights on how to maximise the chances of having good investment outcomes
  • Unpack fund costs and the compounding effect

Chapter 3: Factor Investing

Factor investing, also know as Smart Beta, combines characteristics of both active and passive investing. Factor investing has risen to prominence over recent years. What is factor investing? AND how should one approach it in South Africa.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn what factor investing is
  • Understand why factor investing has become so prominent
  • Apply the vast global knowledge to the South African market

Chapter 4: Understanding Risk

Risk comes in different shapes and forms, but the biggest risk is the risk that one doesn’t meet their financial goals. So how should one think about risk and manage for it?

Learning outcomes:

  • Assess the risk of not meeting one’s financial goals
  • Define market risk, concentration risk, liquidity risk and more
  • Learn how to manage these risks
  • Understand why “diversification is the only free lunch in investing”

Chapter 5: Staying the Course

Ultimately, it’s up to you! Join some of SA’s best known personal finance experts: Maya Fisher-French, Warren Ingram and Nerina Visser as we unpack why investor behaviour is so important to achieving one’s goals. Remember, time in the market is more important than timing the market.

Learning outcomes:

  • Unpack why investor behaviour is so key to achieving one’s goals
  • Examine why time in the market is more important than timing the market
  • Learn how to avoid common human errors that can detract value from your savings & investments

Chapter 6: The Value of Advice

Despite all the personal finance information now freely available to investors, investors can still benefit from good financial advice and seeking the counsel of a financial adviser. However, the role of financial advice is changing!

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how financial advisers add value
  • Unpack how the value of advice is calculated
  • Hear how the role of financial advice is changing

Chapter 7: Creating Predictability

Meet CoreShares, an investment management business with an investment philosophy anchored around evidence-based investing. Understand how we use the framework to build outcomes that provide greater levels of predictability when meeting client goals.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how a passive manager can have an investment philosophy
  • Learn about Evidence-Based Investing (EBI)
  • Understand how the framework is used to create predictability and increase the probability of clients meeting their investment goals

Investing the Evidence

The full documentary.

How should one invest? How do you give yourself the very best chance of meeting your financial goals? Join financial journalist, Gugulethu Mfuphi, as she unpacks an evidence based investment approach. Hear from a number of global and local thought leaders on a range of topics:

  • Asset class returns through time
  • Benefits of index investing
  • Factor investing
  • Risk management
  • Personal finance
  • Contemporary financial advice

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