Fund Summary

This is our flagship Smart Beta or Factor strategy. By tracking the Scientific Beta Multi-factor Index, this fund brings you exposure to well-rewarded, academically grounded risk factors while diversifying away from non-rewarded, non-systematic risks. Constructed and maintained by the EDHEC-Risk Institute in France, the index gives you exposure to the 51 largest and most liquid shares listed on the JSE.

Benefits to Investors


Access to multiple factor and risk premiums in the local equity market, held equally

Risk Management

No single stock concentration and the use of diversified weighting schemes.

Active Replacement

The strategy competes directly with the value preposition of active management, at a much lower cost and greater transparency.

ETF Details

Share code SMART
Current price / NAV
Fund size R 109 989 526.30
Index value 725.903339
Distributable amount -0.45c
Market maker Sanlam Private Wealth (SPW)
TER 0.55%

General Fund Details

Classification South African – Equity – General
Benchmark Scientific Beta CS South Africa 6F-EW Index
Distribution dates March, June, September, December
Asset manager 10X Fund Managers (RF) (Pty) Ltd
Trustee FirstRand Bank Limited
Auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers Incorporated
Risk profile Aggressive (5/5)

10X Scientific Beta Multi Factor Index ETF ETF NAV Prices

ETF Fund Holdings (daily)

ETF Fund Holdings (month-end)

ETF Fund Distributions

Quarter Ended Cents Per Unit (CPU)
March 2024 32.27
December 2023 22.92
September 2023 64.38
June 2023 36.78
March 2023 53.57
December 2022 14.10
September 2022 92.51
June 2022 68.75
March 2022 44.44
December 2021 17.96
September 2021 72.74
June 2021 29.85
March 2021 31.52
December 2020 14.01
September 2020 19.88
June 2020 56.80
March 2020 29.75
December 2019 33.34
September 2019 43.76
All distributions are gross distributions (before dividends withholdings tax)