More certainty in retirement planning

It is more challenging to grow wealth in real terms and deliver inflation-beating investment returns that ensure investors meet their financial goals and can retire more comfortably than ever before.

For this reason, more financial advisers are turning to funds that offer an investment strategy focused on outcomes, delivering on-target returns consistently and with certainty. These are managers that rely on facts, credible analysis and, most importantly, seek to make decisions that are calculated and unbiased.

These managers do not attempt to predict short-term market trends, a practice that always adds trading costs to the portfolio and rarely adds value. The result is an increase in the consistency of performance and, subsequently, a higher likelihood that investors will achieve their targets

The 10X multi asset investment philosophy is a good example of how these tools work in practice, and help financial advisers to help their clients in turn remain invested and on track.

Our Multi-Asset Funds

Our multi-asset funds are designed to give you and your clients the most predictable outcome relative to their goals. With our investors at the core, they have three guiding principles:

Goal-Aligned Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is the main driver of long-term returns. That is why we focus our efforts on long-term strategic asset allocation, planning for well into the future. We combine local and offshore investments spanning equities, property, money market, government bonds, corporate bonds to deliver the return target with the highest degree of probability and the lowest amount of risk.

It’s important to note that asset class returns over the 3-5 year time horizon can differ materially from the 120 year average. Valuations are powerful predictors of medium to long-term returns and ensure consistency across cycles. For this reason, we incorporate current valuations, looking at the next five to ten years, into our asset allocation framework. We do not use any tactical asset allocation based on short-term expectations.

Manage downside risks with diversification

Diversification is the best way to manage uncertainty and deliver better long-term returns. That is why we diversify our portfolios across securities, asset classes and geographies to reduce risk.

Lower costs compound through time

High costs can be a significant drag on performance, holding investors back from reaching their goals. That is why we are obsessed with reducing fees to a minimum. We do this by using index strategies and efficient implementation.

10X Your Future Fund

The 10X Your Future Fund is our flagship solution designed for South Africans saving for retirement. It’s suitable for investors seeking long-term capital growth that is achieved with cost-effective exposure to a range of local and international asset classes. The portfolio has a higher allocation to growth assets (shares and property) than to defensive assets (bonds and cash). The recommended time horizon is 5 years and longer, as returns may be variable over the short term.

10X Income Fund

The 10X Income Fund is suitable for investors seeking a high level of income and long-term capital stability that is achieved with cost-effective exposure to a range of local and international interest-bearing assets. The recommended time horizon is 3 years and longer as returns may be variable over shorter periods.

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