Café Connect

Café Connect is a series of webinars designed to inspire, uplift, entertain and add fresh perspectives as you contemplate your way forward in “the new normal”.

The series is not limited to CoreShares investors and you are welcome to share the invitation with friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who might benefit.

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Date, Time & Registration Speaker(s) Overview
Thursday, August 20th 2020
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Password: CafeConnect#1Michael

Michael Charton

Michael is a renowned story-teller who believes that South Africa’s past, when viewed without political incentive, carries untapped powers of guidance and healing.
Hosted by Nerina Visser

You Strike the Rock

In a time of fracture and uncertainty, this is a story of four women from very diverse backgrounds, who came together in an extraordinary show of unity. Their march to the Union Buildings in 1956 helped to usher in an important new phase of the struggle movement. This is the story behind Women’s Month and our August National Holiday.

Thursday, September 17th 2020
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Password: 7F=sYXxS

Boyd Varty

Boyd is a passionate wildlife activist and tracker. He grew up on Londolozi Game Reserve and understands the true meaning of coexistence between people and nature.
Hosted by Victoria Reuvers

Track Your life

Track Your Life is a storytelling presentation that will take you into the African wilderness with the best animal trackers in the world. Learn the process of tracking and then use the lessons of this ancient art form to begin to track the subtle signs that are guiding you to a life full of meaning, purpose and passion.

Thursday, October 15th 2020
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Password: CafeConnect#3Paddy

Paddy Upton

Paddy’s journey has included helping coach India to win the 2011 cricket World Cup, helping lead both India and then the Proteas cricket team to become the world No. 1 test team, being mental coach to over 100 professional athletes from 11 sports, author of best-seller "The Barefoot Coach" and a University professor.
Hosted by Warren Ingram

Find your A-game. Lessons from the world’s best athletes.

When an elite athlete or team approaches a season-defining tournament, succeeding demands that each team member brings their ‘A-game’. Not unlike those athletes, many of us find ourselves in a defining period of our journey; faced with significant opportunities and challenges that require us to bring our unique A-game.  Drawing on over two decades of coaching some of the world’s best athletes and teams, Paddy will share unique insights to help you consolidate and then execute on your A-game.

Thursday, November 12th 2020
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Password: CafeConnect#4Gwen

Gwen Ngwenya

Gwen is Head of Policy for the opposition Democratic Alliance. She was a Member of Parliament for the Democratic Alliance in the Fifth Parliament, she served on the Standing Committee on Finance. She has also served as COO of the South African Institute of Race Relations, Africa's largest classically liberal think tank.
Hosted by Florbela Yates

Policies for positive change as South Africa emerges from the economic Covid quandary

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended every aspect of life- it has brought urgency and immediacy to the manner in which politicians engage with citizenry, altered how we work and play, and suspended the wheel that seemed to turn inevitably toward globalisation and global integration. So rarely do events spark global introspection at this scale; about the kind of societies we are building, and how we can be and do better. This talk charts a path between blue sky thinking and what is practically possible for South Africa to achieve post-pandemic.